Customer Experience


  • Provide customer service in response to telephone and written inquiries from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • Providing service to end customers and dealers throughout the entire year, affording the flexibility to accommodate major fluctuations between winter and the summer high season by implementing a demand-based flexteam
  • Building up knowledge within a core team providing know-how for the season


  • Establishing ACD call flow using an IVR solution that identifies and routes customer concerns to the corresponding teams
  • Multilingual response to incoming contacts
  • Evaluations and target agreements designed to optimize the customer experience
  • Creation of a knowledge database with templates, search functions, and background information
  • Response to general inquiries, back-office complaint handling
  • Standardized new employee training to ensure maximum customer service quality
  • Knowledge sharing with Weber-Stephen both on-site at Weber-Stephen facilities and at the service center
  • Introduction of permanent quality management structures with coaching


  • Customer relationship going back to 2011 thanks to a spirit of partnership
  • In-depth knowledge fostered within the core team through ongoing training and a high level of identification with the client and the client’s products
  • Steady growth in volume through collaborative effort with Weber-Stephen
  • Written inquiries handled via the customer’s cloud-based support platform