Professional Services


  • Transformation of the old, externally existing percentage-based loyalty program, relaunch as an in-house, real-time, point-based customer loyalty program. The program is based on a hybrid Microsoft Azure Dynamics solution (laaS) with a dedicated real-time bonus point calculation system (LMS) implemented and connected in Azure, a campaign management system, and a single-sign-on server as core component.


  • Setup and operation of a custom CRM system tailored to the needs of Manor based on Microsoft CRM within an MS Azure IT infrastructure (laaS)
  • Hosting within a geo-redundant Microsoft Dynamics infrastructure in Europe (MS Cloud: Amsterdam and Dublin)
  • 360° customer tracking: Migration of, and data storage for, all private and commercial customers and all Manor employees from all offline and online touchpoints
  • Setup of a custom, real time-capable bonus rule engine across all touchpoints
  • Development of points account administration and clearing as a near real-time architecture
  • Introduction of a central SSO authentication procedure between web shop, app, and credit card portal directly connected to CRM processes
  • Integration into the existing and expanded system landscape, such as SAP-FI, DWH, and analytical CRM mart
  • Integration of the Microsoft AX7 ERP cloud solution into the CRM system for centralized controlling of customer service processes (digitalization of service processes) and meta-campaign logic (discounts and rebates), interacting with the CRM, POS, web shop, and digital devices (customer store processes)


  • Black Friday Promotion: online bonus crediting for over 60 locations/stores throughout Switzerland with over 7,600 cash registers within tenths of seconds (bonus transactions within one day with response times of under 0.5 seconds)
  • Campaign management: Automated multichannel campaigns
  • Total availability: ≥ 99.98% since system go-live in May 2017