Professional Services


  • Introduce a point-based customer loyalty program for franchises based on Microsoft Dynamics


  • Setup and operation of Customer Relationship Management based on Microsoft Dynamics in an IT infrastructure hosted by BabyOne
  • Implementation of a custom logic-based application for handling customer service inquiries at the POS tailored for BabyOne with interfaces to the individual franchise partners, the head office, invoice management, the respective suppliers, and the relevant consumers
  • Setup of special process-controlled rules for data protection-compliant data management and the associated role definitions for the applications for each partner
  • Setup of a heterogeneous clearing system (franchise partners) for account settlement of bonus points accumulating at the respective acceptance points and coupon redemptions per program participant


  • Transparent, simplified, and user-friendly complaint processes for the POS
  • Officially audited bonus point clearing system
  • Automated campaign derived from analytical surveys