White Paper - Beyond points: How gamification in loyalty programs engages customers

When thinking of Loyalty Programs, we see rewards, vouchers, points or tiers. Based on purchases to incentivise the customer to purchase more.
Achieving great uplifts over decades, transactional Loyalty Programs have long been thought of as a great way to loyalize customers.
With a downside: Customers were getting used to being rewarded for their purchases, and if not played well, were waiting to collect the reward before shopping. Especially in retail this often led to a decrease in margin.

Then came personalisation! The collected data is almost like a treasure and if used well, the margins grew again, based on clever recommendations for your next purchase. Even loyalised consumers through personalised customer service.
While especially technology still fights to tame these big amounts of data and make them actionable at the right time and place, one field of engagement has long been overlooked: Gamification

White Paper
How gamification in loyalty programs engages customers

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